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Fighting Child Prostitution with Fiction

Available For Your E-Reader

Finally, after a decade of attempting to tell the story of global child prostitution in a work of fiction, The Lotus Keeper has been e-published. Find it on Vyrso.com as well as all other major e-book websites.

Samuel James Toney has finally made it, despite his dysfunctional family. But this hungry southern law grad discovers that his new firm has something to hide. Sam gets too close to the truth and the firm’s “troublemaker”, Washington Human Rights leader, Marvin Clayton. Always the reluctant hero, Sam switches teams and goes undercover to crush his own firm and the giant child prostitution ring they support. During the race for justice, Sam gets the life experience no law school can offer, from the streets of Bangkok to the jungles of Burma, he fights the greatest injustice of this generation. But not without distraction, in the intriguing form of Tara Putney, a beautiful but engaged U.N. worker. When Tara is held captive, Sam and Marvin shed the suits and briefcases for a military style rescue. Bye, bye comfort zone.


About K.R. Dial

Christian. Justice Advocate and Writer.


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