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Hope from IJM

The following statement came from http://www.ijm.org

After four years of IJM’s work in Cebu, the Philippines, outside researchers found a stunning 79% decrease in the availability of minors for sex.

Yes, we must be outraged by the sale of children for sex, but we must also make room in our hearts to celebrate the God of rescue. Why should evil decrease, why is there not an enormity of children for sale in Cebu? We all know that profitable markets expand, why not an expansion in the sell of children in Cebu?

Because, God’s people, empowered by His Holy Spirit went to this stronghold on iniquity and said, “No more.” The Rule of Law, upheld by God’s people, brought justice to a lawless industry that used children. If we could talk to IJM’s investigator’s and lawyers in this area, you would hear of the countless times in which they should have lost in court, or failed to capture the evidence, or missed the opportunity to rescue, but God showed up in supernatural ways to bring His rescue to the oppressed.

We are the hope of the oppressed. There is no other plan. And we will see stories like this one…and praise His name!


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Christian. Justice Advocate and Writer.


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