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James Bond and the “Worthless” Woman

I don’t usually post concerning pop-culture, but the recent James Bond movie Skyfall had such a disturbing devaluation of womanhood, that I must show outrage.

During the movie, Mr. Bond finds himself speaking with a former child prostitute and then having sex with her to get information of her boss. Then as the story unfolds, the woman turns Bond over to her boss. But wait, the boss ties her up and aims a gun at a glass of scotch on top of her head right in front of Bond, trying to hurt Bond by hurting the woman. Bond is unmoved. In fact, the boss shoots the woman before Bond’s eyes. And Bond’s comment?

“That was a waste of good scotch.”

So what did we learn, moviegoers? We learned that one need not have sympathy for former child prostitutes. In fact, why not continue to have sex with them for personal gain? And, then to make the point clear…let us declare to the world through the lips of a literary and cultural icon that her life is WORTHLESS! We can watch her die and feel nothing, for she is unworthy of any compassion from our great hero.

We should all take note of such frightening messages. Imagine how many movie “professionals” and focus group members had to approve it.





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