About K.R. Dial

This blog was started for the marketing of my first novel about child prostitution, but I’ve felt the need to share about this issue for a very long time. I hope to provide you with the outrage and hope required to seek justice for the victims.

My first novel, The Lotus Keeper was written as part of my ongoing ministry to help rescue the victims of child prostitution. I’ve had the privilege of leading corporate intercessory prayer for the International Justice Mission, helping to form the Atlanta Justice Coalition, and serving as a Volunteer Guardian ad Litem for abused and neglected kids, receiving my district’s top honor as Rookie of the Year for my courtroom advocacy of a local child prostitute. I’ve also journeyed to Thailand to study the issue and research my novel.

I’ve never blogged before because writing about my personal life has never appealed to me. So you won’t hear about the cute things my kids say, my dog’s antics, or the spiritual revelation I had while sipping coffee. What you will find are observations and research about one of the greatest heartbreaks of this century.

The global proliferation of child prostitution.



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