What is Child Prostitution?

How I define it.

  • This writer defines child prostitution as the selling of a minor for sexual use.
  • This writer defines a minor as an individual 16 years of age or younger.
  • This writer acknowledges the myriad of conditions leading to the global epidemic of child              prostitution and will attempt to learn and identify these conditions for each location, people group, and family status.

How I approach it.

  • This writer will approach the global crisis of child prostitution from a Biblical worldview.
  • This writer esteems Biblical truth concerning sexual immorality as the foundation of sexual justice for minors.
  • This writer believes worldviews contrary to the Biblical perspective are at the foundation for the sexual use of children.

How I fight it.

  • This writer began a journey of prayer, research, and advocacy for the global victims of child prostitution more than a decade ago. This work culminated in the writing of a novel called The Lotus Keeper.
  • The marketing of this novel is the catalyst for this website, but it is not the heart of it. This writer desires the website to be a weapon in the arsenal of awareness, education, and outrage. May those that engage in the rescue of victims be encouraged, and those that have yet to act, be motivated.              


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